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Mother of Beyoncé’s Step-brother Says There ‘Has Not Been Any Contact’ Between the Siblings

In an interview with The Sun, Beyoncé’s 13-year-old step-brother’s mother stated that there “has not been any contact” between the half-siblings, and her son has been asking her why the superstar singer does not love him.

Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, had a son with Alexsandra Wright from an affair they allegedly had while he was still married to Beyoncé’s mother, Tina. After they divorced and a DNA test revealed that the 71-year-old was actually the father of her child, Wright claims Knowles has refused to meet their son, Nixon, and has also refused to pay child support.

In addition, Wright stated that her son has yet to see his famous sister, and that the Crazy in Love singer’s recently purchased $200 million estate with her husband, Jay-Z, is 10 miles from where she lives with her son.

“She (Beyonce) is a billionaire and just bought the most expensive house in California, ten miles from where we live,” Wright said. “But no, there has not been any contact. The pain still needs to heal. My main concern has been dealing with a child that asks, ‘Why doesn’t that person love me?’”

She added: “It’s a very human story and I sit in the bathroom and cry sometimes because I just don’t know how to help him be his own person. But I believe our children and grandchildren will be much better human beings than we are.

“They have Snapchat and all that. I think they will find a way to open up and have that conversation.”

Wright said she ended her two-year affair with Knowles after Nixon was born in 2009. After the affair became known, there were reports that Beyoncé moved to sever business ties with her father; who was her manager at the time.

Wright was also reportedly accused of causing Knowles and Beyoncé’s mother to divorce after 31 years of marriage. She, however, said that wasn’t the case, as Knowles was relieved of his duties after his finances were audited over allegations of “misappropriated funds”, The Sun reported.

“I met him after I started working in PR for Microsoft in 2007,” Wright said. “MK [Matthew Knowles] wanted to do an overall entertainment deal for his daughter and I was summoned to Seattle for the meeting because there were no people of color.

“After that, MK insisted I work on his account and started saying, ‘I need Alex in this meeting’. He had a lot of bravado and he was very persistent. He said, ‘I am going to stay in Seattle until you agree to have a drink with me.’”

Wright said she ultimately accepted Knowles’ request after he stayed in the city for two or three weeks. “I was not conflicted about the situation because his marriage was not a functioning marriage,” she claimed. “I don’t think he told his family about me.

“It was a complex situation and the family structure had been fractured for a long time. I would say I was in love, but in hindsight, we were both workaholics and we became co-dependent.”

She recalled that after she got pregnant in May 2009, Knowles and her “rented two beach houses in San Diego” and got all their “friends down to celebrate.” “MK wanted to name our son David, and there were these long-term plans. It was when we were heading back that he found out about the audit.”

She continued:  “I remember he got a call from somebody saying, ‘Your client (referring to Beyonce) just took a meeting without you’. That had never happened before. His reaction was one of panic, he was scared of losing his position.

“We had joint credit cards and bank accounts and after the audit started he just cut them off. I left him and he didn’t ever expect me to make that choice. I ended it because I’m better than that. Was I scapegoated for what happened? By the family, no. By Mathew, yes.”

Following their separation, Wright said she became bankrupt in 2014 after spending $250,000 during a child support court battle with Knowles. She ended up having to stay in a two-bedroom trailer before moving into a friend’s place. She currently stays in a 5-bedroom house in Los Angeles.

“People will ask him straight up at school, ‘Are you the brother?’” Wright said in reference to the questions her son is asked. “Whatever they can Google they will ask him directly and even the grown-ups will take pictures of him. Nixon has never had the luxury of being a normal child. Being related to someone famous smothers kids like him and they lose their identity. They are so and so’s brother or stepkid.”

She added: “It’s hard for him to comprehend and he’s a quiet kid and very reserved. I tell him, ‘fame does not equal happiness’ so never covet what someone else has’. But it’s hard to see people living as billionaires. What does that kid think when I am working 16 hours a day and trying to get accounts paid? How does it feel?”

Wright, however, said she thinks “Beyoncé is a lovely person and she has never done anything to harm” her.

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