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If You Can Make Children Laugh, You Can Be A Comedian – Ghanaian Stand-Up Comedian Says

Ghanaian stand-up comedian, Nino has articulated that anyone who knows how to make children laugh has the potential to become a comedian.

Speaking on the Late Nite Celebrity Show with Foster Romanus on eTV Ghana, he made this assertion in the course of narrating how he started his career as a comedian. He recalled how he started comedy, performing for children in charity homes.

“About six years back, I used to do a lot of charity comedy shows. Every festive season, I would contact a charity organization so that they would assemble the kids for me. After doing the charitable work, I would do kids playtime with them and share some jokes with them so with my stand-up comedy, I started with kids.”

“And from what I know, if you’re able to make children laugh, then you can do comedy so I started with that and it was along the line that I met Khemikal the comedian who pushed me more. We became friends and he told me that I’m a very funny person and I have that charisma so I should not limit myself,” he shared.

According to him, it was Khemikal who took him to his first proper stand-up comedy show at Comedy Bar inside Accra mall where he met the likes of Hafco, DKB, Foster Romanus, Ajeezay, Jacinta and more.

It was gradually, through these stage performances that Nino said he grew his skill as a performer and began to work his craft on bigger stages to bigger audiences.

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