Kenya: Captain Kale Bashes Dead Beat Fathers And Female Gold Diggers

Classic 105´s biggest fan, Captain Kale has come out this time to tell women to avoid being too quick in dumping men who do not offer financial support during dating.

What he advises is wait, observe, then decide later rather than being too haste in one´s decisions.

Ladies, more so single ladies, be wise. Some men are so stingy to girlfriends but very generous to wives. Do not dump him because he is not giving you money when he is dating you, just wait until he is married to you to determine if he is stingy or not.

According to the frequent Classic 105 caller, men have realized that women easily slide off after minting all a man´s investments and are therefore cautious with whom and how they spend their money.

Besides, men have woken up. Of late, women want to chew a man to the bone before he has married her and later dump the man. Men are only investing on a woman he is so sure they have a future with, any other relationship they do not care whether you stay or leave.

The candid captain however scorns single mothers who think a man has a responsibility to support their child even if they did not sire him/her together.

Captain Kale believes everyone should cater for their own responsibilities until marriage probably.

The worst are single mothers who during dating wants a man to support the child as if he sired the child. It is very wrong and that is putting your expectations too high. Before a man has married you, your finances are your responsibility. A man is under no obligation whatsoever to pay your bills.


But his partying shot is towards men who have married but fail to care for their own woman, according to him, it is utter shame!

If he does, it´s a bonus. If he does not, you can as well leave and seek for a sponsor. But again, I agree, there are men who are stingy to their wives. Hey men, if you´re that kind of a man, shame on you, you´re not a man but a boy!

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