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See As Nigerians And Kenyans In War Of Words As They Shade Each Other On Twitter

Nigerian and Kenyan Twitter users have been exchanging barbs on the social media platform, provoked by a post on 25 July by Kemi Olunloyo, when she said she would not attend a media summit in Nairobi for safety reasons.

Many people from both sides have jumped into the fray, posting ridiculous and hilarious tweets, and trading insults that attack each nation’s weaknesses and highlight the strengths.

Some of the tweets pit some Kenya celebrities in music, film and sports against Nigeria’s celebrities and throw the retweet-like challenge. And some insults are just too excessive that one wonders why Twitter has allowed the gladiators to run their tweets without moderation or calling a ceasefire.

From the plethora of tweets from Nigerians, it appears the Nigerians are winning the war of barbs and we dare say have overwhelmed the Kenyans on the social media platform.

In one of the retweet-like challenge,Nigeria international Alex Iwobi was pitted against Kenya’s Michael Olunga. Iwobi won with over 4000 likes, while Olunga got just 1,200 retweets, an indication of the overwhelming number of Nigerians on Twitter.

By midday on Saturday the hashtag #kenyavNigeria and Kenya were trending as numbers one and two on Twitter Nigeria trend.

We share 30 of them:

Which is the better Currency? Like for 1000 Naira Retweet for 1000 Shillings. #KenyavsNigeria

— Adefila Kamal (@KamalAdefila) July 27, 2019


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