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Romantic Trip to Prague: Tips and Ideas


Planning a romantic trip to Prague is not an easy task, especially if you’re going to the capital of the Czech Republic for the first time. You’d like to see, try, and visit everything and spend some quality time with your loved one. That’s why we present to you these original ideas for a romantic trip to Prague.

Carry your loved through the Charles Bridge on your hands

You don’t often see young men carrying their significant others through the Charles Bridge on their hands. This tradition doesn’t belong to the “cliché” category, such as hanging locks on the Lovers’ Bridge or touching the hands, feet, ears, and noses of numerous statues. It’s difficult to say where this tradition came from, but the fact is that people still perform this beautiful ritual. According to the legend, if a young man carries his beloved on his hands through the Charles Bridge from tower to tower (about 516 meters), then love will never fade, and both partners will stay with each other for the rest of their lives. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Drink wine under the shade of a weeping willow in Stromovka

A romantic trip to Prague is impossible without a walk through the Stromovka Park. Compared with other parks in Prague that look like anthills, Stromovka is a real oasis of tranquility where the beauty of nature makes time stop. This park occupies a huge territory, which borders on the districts of Holesovice, Letna, and Dejvice. And despite that Stromovka is relatively close to the city center, it’s still a paradise for those who seek solitude. So lay a blanket under the willow, open a bottle of Moravian wine, and tell your loved one something pleasant.

Visit the Prague Castle after sunset

Leave the crowds of tourists, scurrying around the bars, behind and visit the Prague Castle after sunset. Most people who come to the Czech capital don’t even suspect that the territory of the Prague Castle is open to visitors around the clock. Probably, that’s why it’s so quiet and peaceful there at night. Under the starry sky, the St Vitus Cathedral towering above you, illuminated by thousands of lights, seems even more mysterious and majestic. Stop, sit, embrace each other, and enjoy the moment because, in Prague, there are very few places with such a truly fabulous atmosphere.

Taste the gourmet cuisine of the Alcron restaurant

Alcron opened in 1932. Today its chef is Roman Paulus, a world celebrity and one of the most talented chefs of the Czech Republic. There is an excellent selection of delicious dishes on the menu, like fish, seafood and much more, creatively prepared by Mr. Paulus himself. Candles, paintings with couples dancing somewhere in New York, and the interior with a fireplace – all this only adds pleasant notes to the romantic atmosphere of your evening. And don’t be surprised if a few years later, sitting in some fashionable restaurant, you’ll suddenly say “Mmmm, this reminds me of Alcron …”

Make a romantic surprise

And of course, no romantic trip to Prague can go without pleasant surprises. Just imagine: strolling along the beautiful park, you suddenly fall into the atmosphere of a fairy tale. Among dozens of candles, there is a table covered with rose petals. Champagne, cheese, chocolate fondue, or a whole dinner – the evening will definitely be beautiful. Everything on the table is set according to your wishes. Next to it is a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. And the evening Prague, one of the most delightful cities in the world, will become a perfect decoration for your romantic dinner. You should organize such a pleasant evening in Prague as soon as possible. Moreover, you don’t even have to do much for this.

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