8 Nigerian Musicians Who Are Changing The Sound Of Music Worldwide

In Nigeria, there are exceptional musicians whose peculiar genres of music have gotten a general wave of acceptance all over the nation. These singers have their songs steeped in the culture, identity and socio-political themes that characterise the Nigerian society.

However, some of these talented Nigerian musicians have taken their sounds over and above the face of this country. A number of them pushed themselves out there by organising concerts and channeling their publicity to include other countries where they feel their music ethics and culture will be accepted.

On the other hand, the better part of these entertainers have had their music proliferated across the global sphere because of the fact that it speaks to every culture, every continent, every individual.

Hence, their indigenous sounds seep into the ears of people from several corners of the world and inadvertently change the face of world music as a whole. Correspondent has followed the trend of contemporary musicians and have come to a conclusive reach that these X Nigerian singers are turning the global perception of music.

1. 2Baba

Only recently, Correspondent reported that a number of Nigerians consented to the fact that after Fela Kuti, 2Baba is yet another legend that has sprung out from the country’s music scene. Although this emitted a controversy, of sort, it is rarely far from the truth.

2Baba with his persistent release of hit singles and albums has proven over and over again that it is possible to remain relevant despite the ever evolving trends in the music industry. This has caused his career to scale and go beyond him in every capacity.

The music of Innocent Idibia has undergone a slim evolution that constantly mirrors the changing tides of the nation’s political, economical and modernist conducts.

His latest hit, Amaka, reflects on the growing materialistic tendencies of Nigerian women and how they have turned the tables and reversed roles when it comes to who cheats and breaks up a relationship. Indeed, 2Baba is not far from being one of the greatest Afrobeat musicians in the world.

2. Simi

Beauty can take a person very far. But being beautiful and having a great, angelic voice, those are the perfect ingredients for taking over the world. Simi, with her sonorous sound and soulful songs is sending wave signals across the entire universe.

Although she is basically into R & B and not dance music, Nigerians and people from other countries are totally in love with her style which is defining what love songs should indeed sound like.

3. Davido

David Adeleke, also known as OBO, is a classic example of someone who scaled from grace to greater grace. Apart from being the son of one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria, the musician is also one of the most respected entertainers in the Nigerian music industry.

But his sounds do not just trail off at the borders of the country, they reach far and wide into virtually every club and concert hall and household across the world. The recent recognition he received at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards testifies to this.

4. Niniola

After Niniola released her single Maradona, she shone and blew into the outside world like fireflies. Her fame got her a nomination in the BET Awards and her unique sound is always being admired by several other African artistes who feature her in their songs.

Teniola Makanaki who is the younger sister of this illustrious singer seems to have inherited the gene of a voice that causes sparks in the heart of many. She is also on the verge of making her sounds count internationally.

5. Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold rose into fame with his Orente single. While many well meaning people thought the singer was going to retain the national credence he was already beginning to acquire, the singer showed that he was not ready to settle for less.

He shot for the stars out there and he is getting there, reaching the sky. Adekunle Gold has begun to attract the attention of many people all over the world with his unique afrobeat sound. His recent alum About 30 has gone a long way to pave a path in every part of the universe.

The groundbreaking success of Gold cannot, however, be completely spoken of without making reference to the band he is working with called the 79th element.

Being an excellent live performer, Adekunle has teamed up with this amazing people who have shot his music to life every time he is on stage. For this, he is regarded as one of the best live performers in Nigeria.

6. Seyi Shay

After releasing YOLO, Seyi Shay’s music took a new spin around the world and she is maintaining the pace of her success. Recently, Adekunle Gold featured her in his Delilah’s series, and these songs have gained the approval of many people.

7. Falz

When it comes to naming musicians who are breaking frontiers and making tough impacts around the world with music, Falz’s name very well features on this list. Too many times, the singer has gained international recognition with his singles. His controversial This is Nigeria and Child of the World bears resonance to this.

Falz who is also an actor has also delved into singing songs in French. The single Le Vrai Bahd Guy and La Fete have made him a hitmaker in countries away from Nigeria.

8. Johnny Drille

The first thing that normally comes to the mind of people when they hear any of Johnny Drille’s songs is “Is he Nigerian?” Given the very beautiful, soulful voice possessed by this musician, it is usually hard to believe he is a bonafide citizen of Nigeria.

It takes a video of him and a few stumbles on his pidgin words to convince the lot of people that he is indeed part of the Nigerian fold. Because of the unique quality of his voice and the qualitative lyrics of his love songs, the singer signed onto Mavin Records has won the hearts of people all over the world.

Also, he is redefining the concept of love as against what the former construction generally embraced in the Nigerian music scene. For this, his music and collaborations with the likes of Simi and Niniola have found a place in the shores of the world beyond here, beyond now.

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