7 Rules to Avoid Russian Dating Scam


  • Never give money to your online dates (neither cash nor credit card details);
  • Do not buy tickets to your dates (at least until you are sure it is safe);
  • Do not respond to odd emails from your online date;
  • Neverpayforany expensive presents online;
  • Neverpayforlaptops, phones, etc., especially if this fraud says these things cost twice less in your country and promises to return the money;
  • Never support your “new friend” financially, especially if the scammer says this is for a death sick relative (unless you know your date and the relative well enough and for real);
  • Do not for her calls;
  • Do not pay for interpreter or translator services;

Keep in mind all the above-mentioned warnings and stay alarmed as soon as you hear one of it from your online date and avoid Russian dating scam.

Here are a few of the examples of Russian dating scams:

You receive a letter fromaladyofferingher love. She promises to meet with a subsequent marriage. You have a stormy virtual romance and you love her madly, despite the fact that you have never met her for real. Suddenly get to know that your friend has a problem, starting from health and ending up with technogenic accidents.She asks you to give her money in order to speed up your meeting. Sometimes the variations of the scam are really creative. You can meet a fraud, who claims to be adesperate widow, saying that you are an exact copy of herhusband or son. Sounds creepy, I know. The images of the housewives, models, designers,artist,and students are very popular among scammers.

Some fraudsters indulge in blackmail, threatening to revealthe romance to his wife and pulling out money from the victim (often big money). These extremely unpleasant situations mostly happen to wealthy and married men.

Another creepy scam is when your virtual friend suddenly appears in your city and has problems, and there is no one to ask for help, except for you.

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Well, finally, the most widespread scam is to lure out relatively small amounts of money “for a ticket and a visa”, necessary to meet with the beloved or simply “for a new webcam”.The communication may go via Skype using a real web camera. Scammers do not hide theirface since the amounts do not exceed $ 1000, which cannot become a basefor international investigations. In addition, the victim voluntarily transfers the amount, so the evidence base is very weak. The scam is usually carried out by students from the countries of the former USSR. This kind of dating scam, as a rule, is carried out by independent single scammers.

Can you bring the scammer to justice?

Fighting dating scammers on the Internet is almost useless. Large amounts of money are being spent and special units are being created in some countries to fight against these Russian virtual criminals. There is no organization dealing with online dating scammers in Russia. You will hardly get any results, if you apply to Russian law-enforcement authorities, as well. However, the administration responsible for hosting the dating website may help by blocking the resource. It is almost impossible to arrest the scammer, as it happens only if the police fix the fact of money (goods) transfer. But this is extremely difficult since all transactions are conducted mainly with email and bank transfer. In some cases, it is also impossible to find out the real IP address of the remote computer because it can be dynamic, and change from time to time or the scammer uses an internet cafe for communication.


But this does not mean that you need to be afraid and avoidonline dating. Just do not forget to follow simple safety rules. Thanks to our friends from dating sites for seniors for providing this article.


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