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6 Signs It’s Time To Find a New Home


The decision to move home is a significant one, but that doesn’t mean it should be avoided. When it’s time to move home because your current home simply isn’t offering everything you need any more — or bringing you no happiness — you might consider whether this means a bigger and better property or relocating altogether.

Here are 6 tell-tale signs that moving to a new home could be the right decision for you.

1. You Have Issues With the Size

It doesn’t matter whether it’s too big or too small, if something isn’t quite right with the size of your current home and it’s something you continually think about, then this could be a key sign for change.

Homes that are too big may be costing too much money, such as on heating bills, and may be a pain to keep clean. Homes that are too small may mean that you’re sacrificing on space and struggling to fit everything in.

2. You Have No Desire For Improvement Jobs

If you love your home, the chances are high that you’ll be eager for any interior improvements, such as decorating or general maintenance. If you’ve lost the passion for any sort of work, this could be an indication that you’ve also lost the passion for the property itself.

3. You Focus More on the Negative Aspects

Perhaps the little things that never used to bother you about your home are now the only things you see. Maybe you’re focusing more on all the negative aspects, such as a room you particularly hate, or maybe even the neighbours are beginning to irritate you.

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If you’re feeling easily annoyed by many home aspects, this could be a red flag.

4. You’re Beginning to Think of New Locations

Maybe you’re dreaming about a shorter commute, or you love the idea of being closer to family or friends. If you’re spending a lot of time picturing an alternative location and the benefits of it, maybe it’s time to browse.

You can easily check property sites like the Kenya Property Centre to check which homes are available closer to any point of interest you might have.

5. You Are Paying More Attention to Other Homes

Whether it’s spending time in your friend’s home, which is bigger than yours, or seeing a home with a ‘For Sale’ sign outside the door as you drive past, many things can spark that feeling of not wanting to be in your current home. You might even start feeling envy regarding the homes you see on television. All this and more means you’re thinking more about what you could have, or what you might want in terms of alternative property.

6. You Feel Inspired By Interior Design But Not For Your Current Property

Maybe you have a pile of interior design magazines that show the potential for properties completely different to yours. If you’re feeling inspired by property design and you’re constantly browsing aisles at decorating stores, your mind may be focused on all the potential decorating a new home may have.

Even if you are experiencing just one of these signs, it’s enough to begin considering an alternative property, or at least seeing what is out there for you.


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