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6 Reasons to Make Ghana Your Next Destination

Ghana is increasing in popularity as a destination for both tourists and expats looking for a new place to call home. It is often called the “Gateway to Africa” because of its position in the Gulf of Guinea and its great connections with the rest of West Africa.

Ghana is a predominantly English-speaking country with a rich and interesting tribal and colonial history, diverse population, and a vibrant culture. Add the fact that Ghanaians are renowned for their friendly, welcoming people and laid-back approach to life, it is no surprise that Ghana is also known as the “Golden Child” of Africa.

Whether you are looking for a vacation destination or considering a more permanent move, here are 6 reasons to consider Ghana.

  1. Ghana is a peaceful country

Ghana has one of the most stable democracies in Africa as well as a relatively healthy economy. The crime rate is also low (although, of course, no country is without crime) and the people are very welcoming to tourists and expats.

  1. Ghana has a rich history

Ghana was once rich in gold and known as the Ashanti Kingdom or Empire. This gold made Ghana an attractive resource for many European countries which is why there are so many castles and forts in the country. Highlights include the Kumasi Fort, Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle, and Christianborg Castle. They are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites which serve as reminders of the terrible slave trade which took place. In the north you can find white-washed mud mosques such as the Larabanga Mosque which is rectangular in structure with spiked timber struts.

  1. You can travel on a budget

Tourism has not yet taken hold of Ghana so there is still a lot to be explored and enjoyed without a high price tag. The people of Ghana are also very happy to welcome tourists to their country and share their culture. Whatever your budget, Ghana Property Centre can help you find a short- or long-term let in your preferred area.

  1. Celebration is a way of life
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Joy, color, music, dance, family, drumming, and delicious food (think yam, beans, plantains, maize, cassava, rice, plantains, strong seasoning and tasty street food) are woven into everyday life in Ghana, and it seems that there is a holiday or festival every other day. The Edina Bakatue Festival (a colorful boat pageant), the Odambea Festival (which pays tribute to ancient traditions by reenacting historical events), the Bridal Festival, the Aboakyir deer-hunting festival and the Rice Festival.

You can see how much Ghanaians take pride in their heritage and live life to the fullest in everything they do, particularly in the vibrant clothes, artefacts and handmade crafts like kente weave, pottery, wood carvings, bead work, and wood carvings.

  1. Beautiful landscapes and exotic wildlife

There are several national parks in Ghana and over 5% of the land is protected through community-run ecotourism projects. From the wildlife and exotic birds to the butterfly, monkey, and hippo sanctuaries. You will find a tropical world with rainforests, mountains, lakes, caves, and waterfalls as well as over 500km of beaches and coastline.

  1. Adventure awaits

If you are someone who loves to be active, Ghana will not disappoint. The national parks give plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting and birdwatching, but you can also try hiking (including waterfall hiking), cycling, swimming in natural lagoons, and canoeing across rivers and lakes.



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