5 Tips to Have a Great First-Date Conversation

I think many guys consider a first date conversation as a true nightmare. Of course, some awkward moments and misunderstandings may become a challenge even for the people who like each other a lot. However, there is no place to worry if you know what facts to mention, what questions to avoid on the first date. This article is a trusted sourse for all the inexperienced, shy males or just men who want to make a great impression on their dates. Here are 5 useful pieces of advice to apply on the first date with your girl to make the evening unforgettable.

  1. Do not be egocentric

Do not talk only about yourself. Try to know ask your lady as much as possible. Also, remember that a date is a dialogue, not an interview. That is why, try to prolong every question-answer sessions with affirmative sentences, arguments, and interesting well-known facts. By the way, if your woman runs off at the mouth and is on the cusp of telling you her deepest secrets, diseases from childhood and the closest friends, you would better keep your weather eye open. Who knows, maybe she is self-obsessed or simply selfish. Anyway, she is not interested in anything about you for sure. Consequently, you may get into a trap since the second date. Watch out!

  1. No to exes

We all know that past is an endless source of topics for conversation. However, it is better not to open the Pandora box during your first official meeting. You may not notice asking ticklish questions making your girl startled or even ashamed. Actually, questions related to ex-boyfriends is a mauves ton during the first date. The worst could happen if you start judging her or her ex’s deeds. What is more, the bouquet of negative emotions can burst at any minute of the talk spoiling the impression of both of you. Finally, let us be honest. Nobody sees a whimper as a date.

  1. Ask right questions

It turns out that ordinary questions like “What are your favorite color?” are not trendy anymore. The researchers from Harvard found the specific questions that not only help people know each other better but also get them closer. In addition, those questions can be applied in order to check whether your date is a good match for you. Here they are.

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1) Do you enjoy watching horror movies?

2) What ingredient would you add to pizza?

3) Have you ever travelled on your own?

4) It would be great to leave everything and spend a lifetime on a ship, wouldn’t it?

If both partners choose same answers, it means that the couple is perfect. Alternatively, you will likely to have difficulties during the relationships. Of course, it would be stupid to leave a girl who would pick a double-cheese, if you were allergic to it. However, if all the answers do not match, admit that you and your girl are very different.

  1. Do not talk too much

You are not a witness on a trial having last chance to speak up. There is no need to stuff a female with all your current personal problems. A good conversation, as mentioned above, does not resemble an interview for the job. An interesting talk contains various life stories and jokes. Try to make them less personalized while telling. For instance, there is no need mentioning that you grew up without mother, was broken or suffered from a horrible disease. To begin with, build a trust.

  1. No money talks

There is no need mentioning your status or salary on the first date. Telling about the job you do, on the contrary, will be more than enough. Never talk about your money problems. You will look like acrybaby in the eyes of your lady. Complaining about a boss and livingconditions, in general, is not highly recommended as well. There is not even a shade of attractiveness or sexiness in the whining people. Only a pity.Thanks to our friends from https://j4l.com/for providing this article.





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