5 signs that will tell you if he is a womanizer

He is a charismatic and too good to other women.

This is the guy who is always ready to impress ladies with his manners. He always shows interest in other women. He is always smiling at them, trying to help them or even flirting with them when he thinks you are not noticing. He has a mission in mind.

He doesn’t answer your calls

For unknown reasons, he is always too busy to take your calls, and hardly returns them on time or even never returns them! And he has a lot of questionable excuses to make for them. You are either calling at a wrong time, or he was going to return your call which he never returned because another ‘important something’ came up!

 He doesn’t allow you touch his phone

The most obvious sign!

You never have the opportunity to access his phone because it is either switched off, or locked with long passwords. He will say he has a right to privacy, if you love him, you should trust him, well among other defenses

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He says he loves you, but doesn’t put actions into it

When you spend time with him, it’s like a fairy tale, because he is all what you are looking for; magically loving, caring and full of romance. He makes you feel like the only girl in his world. But when he’s out of sight, he doesn’t call, text or check up on you!

He is the perfect gentleman

He’s a perfect gentleman who impresses you with his looks, talks and smile. He’s well mannered and always ready to help a lady in distress. The type of man every woman dreams to have! Well that is his weapon.

 He tries to get close to your friends

He has the front of a sweetheart, so he tries to use that to get close to your girlfriends. He is sleek and sweet to them, gets uncomfortably close, yet claims innocence. Don’t be surprised if you find out that he is sleeping with the whole squad of your girlfriends!


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