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5 Minutes With Uzalo Actress, Noxolo Mathula On Youth Day

Noxolo Mathula, Uzalo actress, played as Lilly on the show, first started off doing few cameos. On the long run she was then offered a  much bigger role. Seven months later, she’s grown into a much loved character. She’s a hustler, who would do anything to make sure she gets what she wants.

26-year old Mathula chats to us about being a young actress and what it takes to make it in the industry.

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What attracted you to this role? 
I relate to how fierce she is. She’s a go-getter, a hustler, she knows what she wants.

What character do you enjoy playing more, a younger or older one?
I don’t mind the character, as long as it’s storytelling. Whatever character comes my way, I grab it with both hands.

Your thoughts on #OpeningUpTheIndustry? 
They should be given a chance. There are so many young great actors that need an opportunity to showcase their talent and the industry always needs that new and fresh faces.
They should be given a chance to prove themselves.


Do you think youth have it harder now than a decade ago? 
Yes, there are a lot of challenges that we face as youth. We were raised differently compared to our parents. It was way easier back then. There are a lot of things that are a lot more prevalent today than they were before.

What challenges do youth face? 
As a young woman there’s challenges of not having a job and probably having to sleep your way to get a certain job. This is wrong because these women are just trying to better themselves and their families. Especially now that we are educated, I think there should be more opportunities for youth, so job creation is key – open doors for graduates.

Your advice to them? 
Perseverance is key. Keep on pushing until you get what you want. Knock on all those closed doors. Also remember that everything has its time so if it doesn’t happen as quick as you want, just wait your turn. We are all here for a certain purpose, and when you realise that purpose, you take it and you run with it. I push hard, I plan hard and I pray hard. I am also patient enough.

What do you see yourself doing in the next five years? 
There is a lot planned. I see myself as an individual that would have influenced young, upcoming actors. I see myself having made an impact on people, especially where I come from, KwaMashu. I see myself in lead roles and on radio.

Who are you role models? 
We do not have to go overseas to look for role models now, we have our very own in South Africa. I look up to Nomzama Mbatha and even my mother for being the person that she is with the strength she has.


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