5 Coronavirus Struggles That Every African Can Relate To

The novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed many things in our daily lives and some things that used to be normal are longer so.

Once upon a time, letting out a ‘big’ yawn in a troski would have solicitated laughs and banter from co-passengers at worst.

But try it in these Coronavirus times and you are likely to receive a slap from the passenger behind you or even be forced out of the vehicle.

Below are five Coronavirus struggles every African can relate to:

1. You can’t sneeze in public anymore

Ha! By now you may have noticed that sneezing in public has become a crime. The moment you sneeze, all attention turns to you and you are likely to draw an unfriendly reception from those close by.

2. You prefer any other sickness over suffering cold or catarrh

In these moments, the last illness you want to suffer is cold or catarrh. I bet you prefer to even have HIV than a runny nose LOL.

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3. You are now more attentive to the news

How many times have you waited attentively to hear the next update on the Coronavirus cases in the country? You are not alone. In fact, everyone wants to know whether there’ll be a lockdown, how many patients have recovered and how many more confirmed cases we have.

4. You are struggling to work from home

You were happy when your employer asked you to start working from home, right? However, things haven’t gone according to plan, methinks. Poor internet, power issues, noise from neighbours – you name the rest.

5. You dread using public transport but you don’t have a choice

Except for those who own cars, the rest always have this fear when they board a public transport. You are probably thinking the person sitting next to you is infected, right? Don’t worry, he or she is also thinking the same about you. Uncomfortable, eh?


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