4 Ways to Make Seniors Feel Safe at Home



A lot of senior citizens are still very independent and can take care of themselves, but if they live alone, they might feel more uneasy in their house. It’s not uncommon for anybody to feel more vulnerable when they don’t share a house with another person, but unfortunately, senior citizens are usually more likely to be targeted for thefts and vandalism because of their age. If you have an elderly parent or another relative who is living alone and has expressed their concern over anti-social behavior in their area or a general worry over crime, here are a few things you can do to help them feel safe at home.

  1. Make Sure they Have Quality Locks

Not all door locks are the same quality, some being much easier to crack than others. However, you can get the locks replaced for better ones if this will help to give you and your senior parent peace of mind. Do some research into this first, though, to avoid getting conned by a locksmith trying to make a sale, as some of these locks can be very expensive. Additionally, you can put chain locks on the door and bolts on the door as extra reinforcements.

  1. Install Alarms

Alarms are some of the most common security measures found in homes and will sound when a suspicious activity has been detected in your home. These can make anybody feel safer in their house, especially as some security companies will call you to check in on things if your alarm is tripped and contact the police for you if there is any trouble. Another useful alarm that can be a deterrent against anti-social behavior from young adults in the area is an anti-loitering alarm. People have found these to be very effective at moving intimidating groups of teens away from their property; you can read more about this at

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  1. CCTV

Some people might find CCTV to be intrusive, but it can be incredibly useful when it comes to security measures in the home. Firstly, it can act as a wonderful deterrent if you advertise that you have CCTV because people will not want to risk being caught on camera. If there is ever an unfortunate incident, though, video evidence from your CCTV can be used in legal proceedings to help get justice for any damage, theft, or assault that may have occurred. Some smart security systems have cameras as part of the package, and this can be great for seniors as they can check the video feed to see who is at the door before they open it, helping to reduce their vulnerability.

  1. Keep in Touch

While putting in alarms and other security measures in their home is important in making seniors feel safe, keeping in regular contact with them will help a lot as well. Not only will this boost their mood and make them feel loved and appreciated, but sometimes being able to talk to somebody you trust when you’re feeling particularly vulnerable can make a big difference. For example, if they are worried about strangers lurking in the street or possible evidence of people trespassing on their property, you can go around to their home to check and make them feel more secure.

It can be easy for anybody to feel vulnerable if they live alone or in a bad area, but seniors can feel more uneasy because they are considered to be easy targets. If you want to make your senior parent or relative feel more comfortable in their home, consider the tips above and see how they can make a difference.


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