4 Babies Rescued In Cameroon Child Trafficking Bust

Four babies have been rescued from trafficking during a law enforcement operation in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde, authorities said on Thursday.

In a statement, the National Gendarmerie said the babies, aged between two days and six months, were taken to a healthcare center immediately after the rescue operation.

Six people were arrested on charges including child trafficking, parental kidnapping and custodial interference.

“After interrogation, the suspects indicated that the purchase price of an infant ranged from one to three million (approximately 1,767 US dollars to 5,301 US dollars),” the statement said.

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“The National Gendarmerie is calling on the population to collaborate more closely in order to dismantle such criminal networks”, the statement added.

Formal inquiries had been launched to completely dismantle any network of child trafficking in the country, according to the gendarmerie.


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