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3D remake of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti sparks “Whitewashing” Backlash

A 3D remake of Queen Nefertiti who ruled Egypt some 3000 years ago has brought about a race row, with people saying she should be darker.

Scientists from the University of Bristol had worked from Nefertiti’s mummy, using 3D imaging  to bring her to life, Fox News reports.

Paleoartist Elisabeth Daynès, who also worked on King Tutankhamun – who is said to be Nefertiti’s son – more than a decade ago, said the recreation took about 500 hours. She said:

I worked closely with forensic paleopathologists and anthropologists to determine accurate muscle, skin and soft tissue depth. Everything was meticulously calculated by hand.

In all, it took more than 500 hours to create the bust. Even the jewelry on the bust was handcrafted by designers who work for Dior.

When you overlay the profile of the reconstruction with the famous Berlin Bust of Nefertiti, they are an incredibly close match.

Egyptologist Aidan Dodson of Bristol University who was involved in the project said the recreation is consistent with the ancient representations of the queen. He said:

This remarkable face seems to be consistent with ancient representations of Nefertiti.

Users on social media have however condemned the recreation. Nefertiti, an Egyptian, would have had darker skin.

The creators of the 3D image have been accused of whitewashing and believing in white superiority.

See some of the tweets below:





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