33-Year-Old South African Woman Shades ‘Prayer Warriors’ Praying For Their Cheating Spouses

33-year-old South African woman, Zukiswa Joyi, who revealed that she is still a virgin, has thrown shade at women who pray for their cheating spouses instead of walking out.


She wrote…


“When it comes to cheating Spouses, Jesus Christ didn’t say you should pray, he said leave. But you Prayer warrior of the most high you are there Praying and collecting diseases and emotional and Physical abuse, even Jesus can’t save you” she wrote on Sunday, October 30.


“Even God walked out on Israel whenever she was cheating (bowing to idols or other gods) he left them in the hands of their enemies until they came back to their senses and humbled themselves and left their side coks to be with him the Husband.” she added.



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