3 Ways To Make Him Propose

Are you that girlfriend in the group that has walked down the aisle of every one of her friends but she is still left chasing after the bouquet; yet all her friends have settle down? How do they do it? You ask but they never give you a clear answer. I doubt any woman will actually tell you the truth about how she finally got her man. She will make up the basic stuff but you still know that is not it.

I am not saying that I will have all the answers to what you want to know but maybe in your next or current relationship you might try the following tips.

Every woman while dating especially if she is really hoping that he will be serious with her that he will consider her the best thing he has ever come across. And at times even if not the best, she is hoping to go for different and leave a mark. You need to make a man think of you as the best thing in his life or rather the best woman he has ever had. That is the only way you might be able to make him stop thinking that there is something out there that is better than you for him. The only way! I am not saying you will be but effort does really go a long way.

Learn to do some things for him- the unexpected things

Not cooking his special meal or whatever that is normal stuff that every woman does. But you see the way for a woman you expect men to do some things for you but not most do only a few; sort of the same. Look at something that may at times stress your man out like end month or a certain thing he always needs to do but does not like it. I am not going to tell you to touch his car, men are sensitive about that but just do that one odd thing on a particular day to relieve some of the stress once in a while. Let him remember you with a certain good feeling that comes from something else other than the usual mundane stuff.

Don’t forget about your past bad experiences that will make you take this new man for granted

If someone is good to you, always appreciate it and let them know that you appreciate it. Don’t get into a rut that most women get into of taking things for granted because there is usually someone ready and willing to take over or share someone that is good. If you have been roughing it and now get a good thing, be grateful and let someone know that they make you happy. If you don’t, don’t worry, someone will do the work for you since you want to act like you always have it good.

Be interested

No not nagging; interested. Not many couples click on the same things and for most that eventually do, they had to work at it. Most women don’t ever want to participate. I don’t know what a corner kick is…actually I do but I have been at Nyayo stadium on a weekday watching a football match and I did not know why a certain team was wearing different colors when it is not their usual color. (I finally found out so don’t rain on my parade) The point is I am not a fan but I was curious and I had nothing important to do. So I went to something he wanted not because I was getting anything out of it but I was just curious. Be curious and create some sort of common ground with someone so that they can actually have a conversation with you about something other than work and how there day was. Men like to talk to and be excited about things that interest them. Ask questions…PARTICIPATE! The next time they will not be so averse to bringing you along and the next time they will willingly take you to what you want.

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