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Flutterwave – Online Payment Technology Solutions

When you think about safe, fast, secure and convenient payment gateways, Think Flutterwave.

Flutterwave is a Nigerian financial technology company that deals with online transactions. In other words, it is an online payment technology company which is focused on helping banks and

businesses to provide a safe payment experience. It provides a safe, fast and smooth payment



One of the purposes in which flutterwave was discovered in 2016 was to solve payment

challenges in Africa.

Over the years, Flutterwave has partnered with 50 African banks and over 1200 developers that

build on the platform.

What Are Flutterwave’s Products?

In solving payment challenges, Flutterwave wave has some products that will be talked about

briefly. They are:

1. Rave by flutterwave

2. Barter by flutterwave

3. Moneywave

1. Rave By Flutterwave 

Rave is a payment method that accepts payments from across the world. This includes card

payments, Bank account payment and mobile wallet payment.


For card payments which are done through Visa, MasterCard and Verve while the bank account

payment can be done by individuals or businesses in the United States, South Africa and

Nigeria. Finally, the mobile wallet payment serves for customers using M-Pesa, TIGO, MTN and Vodafone which are forms of mobile payments.

With Rave, you can accept payment as an individual or business, depending on the one you use.

Why Rave Is Different From Other Payment Solutions:

 No fees of any kind or any form of subscription. The payment required is only for

transactions you accept.

 Funds are received in the local currency of the user.

 Payments can be made in over 150 currencies.

 Rave serves as a financial tool to make payments easy.

 Rave provides a care line both online and offline. Phone numbers and social media

platforms (This will be discussed in the course of this article).

Rave Payment Options

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Rave has payment options for Physical stores, online stores and social media pages.

Physical Payment

Rave accepts payment from both offline and online customers. Payment can be made to

rave clients with physical shops or outlets in physical cash.

Online Payment

These are payments for online stores example Jumia, that can be done online, on

websites and apps.

Social Media 

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are not left out. Payments can be

collected from buyers and notifications are sent when a customer places an order on the

online store, Now, what offer can be as juicy as this from Rave?

Rave currently has partnerships with Flywire, Arik, Uber, Jumia, market hub and Booking.com. Now do I have your attention? This just got more interesting. The next is Barter.

2) Barter By Flutterwave

Barter manages payments and subscriptions through its app. Another amazing feature of this app is that it can be used to send cash to close-by friends. For instance, you are stranded at work because you spent your money on lunch, barter app can be used to locate friends close to you.

Barter helps you save money. We all have that paid subscription we do with our phones.

This is where barter comes in, Barter sends every notification involving card activities.

This is the best part, you can get repayable short-term loans on this platform. Get Barter app today!

3) Moneywave

Moneywave is a payment service on the African continent for charging cards and distributing to

bank accounts.


This is great for international students because Flywire is used to pay for the fees of foreign

students using your local cards. Now, this is payment, made easy.

Contact Flutterwave Today

Facebook – Flutterwave INC.

Twitter: @theflutterwave

Email: hi@flutterwavego.com

Phone: +23412809030

Website: https://www.flutterwave.com

Address – 8, Providence Street Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State, Nigeria.


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