Ghana: Restructuring Free SHS Will Government Loses Nothing – Artist, Trigmatic

Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, Trigmatic stated that government has nothing to loses if it pulls back to restructure its free senior high school programme to ensure its smooth running.

The rapper, in an interview, 10 September 2018, told our newsmen that: “This morning, I was talking about free SHS structure or strategy; I mean it’s a beautiful thing, it happens in other countries, but not when there hasn’t been a thought-through plan to execute it, and I was saying that it takes nothing from the government to pull back if really they’re in the interest of the people, to pull back and restructure it and re-implement, it will not take anything from them”.

In his view, governments, sometimes fail to reconsider their policies and decisions out of fear of such reviews or change of mind, being used against them by propagandists.

“Yes, let the opposition say that your strategies didn’t work, I think that we are praising or we have over-blown propaganda so much that because we don’t want the other people to use that against us, we don’t want to do what’s right.”

He pointed out that government paying the tuition fees of all students including borders, irrespective of the scarcity of resources, puts so much burden on the country’s resources, a situation which denies other sectors of the economy from being given the needed attention.

He stated: “If you want to take your children to the boarding school, you must pay for it, elsewhere when you go to the UK, that’s how it’s done but the tuition is paid for by the government or subsidised.

“You pay, at least, for your boarding fee, your feeding and all of that because it’s going to put a big weight on the government, no matter how available the funds are, these funds can be channelled to other places.”

Trigmatic, known in real life as Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro-Agyei, is currently promoting his new songs ‘Something Dey’ and ‘Where We Dey Go’, which he unveiled on the Class Drive.


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