Nigerian Actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo Goes All Inspirational As He Post His Throwback Wedding Photo

It’s throwback a Thursday and Richard Mofe-Damijo is in a good mood for some inspirational messages as he post a photo of his traditional wedding eighteen years ago.
In his message, RMD reminisces about the years that have followed since his wedding where he actually used a plastic bottle to serve his wife and how things have changed since then. He went to write about the advice he gives his kids about integrity over anything and the need for humble beginnings.

“See what I found! 18years ago drinking palm wine from a plastic bottle at our wedding. A lot has happened since then. Now I am trying to explain Desperation, Patriotism or the lack of it, to my kids who must live in political times that are so complex to read and discern. I have to constantly tell them now to let Integrity be uppermost in their lives.

“That self-love and the want to live a good life must not make them forget to love others and their country as they love themselves. Find ways to impact their generation and make the world or wherever they find themselves, a better place to live in. #rmdsaysso #throwbackthursday #nigeriagobetter,” he wrote.

Actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo’s message will definitely be motivating not just his kids but other younger person on the need to start life from with a humble beginning.


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