Malian singer Sidiki Diabate, tells Artist,Kuami Eugene to be ‘unique’

It might be recalled that Kuami Eugene was ‘busted’ for copyright infringement when he released his song ‘Confusion’

Malian singer Sidiki Diabate had released a French tune back in 2015 from which Kuami Eugene seems to have sampled rhythm and translated lyrics.

The ‘Angela’ hit-maker is in the news again for ‘dabbing’ the lyrics of Nigerian rapper Ice Prince for his ‘Wish Me Well’ song.

In an interview  Adwumapamere, Kofi Kinaata initially refused to pass a comment.

However, impressed on, the ‘Sweetie Pie’ hitmaker said, “Sometimes it is just by coincidence; you know, like they say, great minds think alike. So it is possible to say things similar to what others may have said in the past without knowing”.

Regardless, he could not fathom how it keeps happening with Kuami Eugene in recent times.

Known for his sarcasm, he jovially said, “if the same accident happens twice consecutively, it’s got to be intentional”.

The ‘Fante Rap God’ explained that it is pardonable to sample old popular songs because the source and composers are known.

But he finds it insulting to the intelligence of music fans to discreetly scavenge other people’s music and present it as original and new to unassuming music lovers.

“If we do not know the song, it is hiding in an obscure corner, and it has to take some people to hunt for the original composers, then that is a clear insult to our intelligence and an attempt to look sharp,” he opined.

The rapper, born Martin King Arthur and known for his imagination and innovation, implored artists to stay unique in their music creation to deliver everlasting music.


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