“I Can’t Stay A Day Without Making Love” – Ghanaian Actress Mercy Little Smith

Efiewura performing artist Mercy Little has revealed that she can’t remain multi day without three thing which incorporates se.x.

Ghanaian actress Mercy Little Smith who is known in movies as ‘Little’ disclosed that no day passes her without her having se.x.

Speaking in an interview, the “Efiewura” actress says she doesn’t feel comfortable without se.x in a day and went on to list the three things she can never stay away from in a day.

“ I drink water, food, and se.x. Plus size ladies are happy with s.ex because the body is big and any part of the body you touch gets us to feel for s.ex.”

The mother of three was later asked her favourite s.ex position  was “Doggy style”

“My best sex position is ‘Doggy Style’, with that position I bounce well and kneel down and that is what brings out the best in me as a woman in bed “ she stated.

When asked if she offers se.x for roles in movies she replied with a big no.

“My body may be attractive but I don’t just give it out anyhow. I respect my body and the woman in me so I don’t offer it to producers”, she continued.

Little also expressed that she is blessed by the gods posterior pulls in a great deal of male regard for the degree that around 15 to 20 men endeavor to charm her day by day.

Mercy Little has featured in motion pictures like; “Will of the Gods”, “No Shaking”, “power Of the Gods”, “Efiewura” and others.


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