Ghana: Kuntu Blankson’s Wife Explain How The Veteran Actor Committed Suicide

It Was reported for yesterday that veteran Ghanaian on-screen character, Kuntu Blankson has submitted suicide by hanging at his home in Moree Junction, a suburb of Cape Coast in the Central Region. He was 60 years of age.

Kuntu Blankson was one of the most loved faces on Television in the 1990s. He was a piece of Akan Drama’s Adehye Drama Group. Different individuals from the gathering were Joe, Adadzewa, and others. They extremely excited Ghanaians once upon a time.

Before his demise, Kuntu Blankson was on a contract at the Laboratory of the University of Cape Coast. He left behind a wife and 3 children.

Ghanaians are still wondering what will push such an elderly man to commit suicide leaving behind the wife and children. The Wife has given her side of how things went down.

Speaking to Adom TV, the wife of the veteran actor stated that, she had taken some medicine and as such decided to sleep. It was around 8 pm in the evening, Wednesday 11th July.

The husband who usually sleeps early told her to take the lead but he kept sneaking into the room to just look at the beloved wife and leave. He repeated the same thing several times which got the wife worried. He will just peak in the room and leave.

But because she had taken some medicine, she dozed off and slept. A few hours later, she was violently woken by one of their children only to be told that the Kuntu Blankson has committed suicide.

Amidst tears, She inquired where it happened and she was told he sneaked into the kitchen after she had slept to hang himself.

The wife revealed that he does not know what pushed the husband to hang himself and he has not made intentions clear to the family before he did it.


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