Zimbabwe: Local Comedian Defeat East Africa

Local humorist Learnmore Mwanyenyeka, prevalently known as Long John, is content with his present voyage through East Africa that is probably going to open new lucrative roads for himself.

Commencing his visit in Kampala on June 29, Long John acquainted himself with another market and says he was content with the reaction he got.

Talking on how he was gotten in Uganda, Long John said his parody was all around celebrated.

“The reception was fantastic. You see when different worlds collide there are new things to be learnt and experiences. Uganda loved my material since they were having an opportunity to get a glimpse of Zimbabwean life and a glimpse of the life of a village boy in Zimbabwe,” he said.

The famed village boy from Chimanimani said he got an opportunity to learn from the best.

“My greatest experience is always getting an opportunity to learn and Uganda was no exception. I got to spend time with big comedians in that country, learning how they do things and their influences.”

Comparing comedy in East Africa and Zimbabwe, Long John cited lack of sponsorship as a big problem locally.

“Corporates in Uganda regard comedy as an investment. They are willing to sponsor it. It is this commercialisation of art that really got to me,” he said.

This Saturday Long John will be at Kenya’s top comedy platform, The Churchill Show to be broadcast on one of the country’s top television station NTV.

He will wrap up his tour with a performance at Kigali International Comedy Festival in Rwanda.


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