Kenya: Police Apprehended Couple For Allegedly Beating Daughter To Death

The police have arrested a couple suspected to have killed their 11-year-old daughter in Kihingo village, Njoro sub-county.
The two are accused of beating their daughter, a Standard Three pupil at Larmudiac Primary School, who later succumbed to severe injuries.

Beatrice Maina, a neighbour, said it is suspected the parents conspired to conceal the cause of the minor’s death. Maina said according to younger siblings of the deceased, she was beaten on Sunday night using crude weapons after she allegedly stole Sh50 from her elder brother. The brother is said to have attacked the girl and was later joined by the parents.

“The girl is alleged to have stolen Sh50, money that belonged to her elder brother. She, however, maintained she did not take it. She pleaded for forgiveness from her mother, father and brother but they did not listen,” said Maina.

The neighbour said it is suspected that the girl died during the beating and was later put in her bed to cover up the crime. The pupil’s younger siblings told neighbours they tried to wake her up yesterday to prepare for school but she did not respond. At around 9am, the mother who is said to have looked disturbed told her immediate neighbour and mother-in-law that her daughter was critically ill, prompting the latter to visit the home to check on the child. On arrival at the homestead, the mother-in-law found the body of the girl in bed with severe injuries.

The elderly woman was shocked and her screams attracted neighbours who rushed to the home. “The girl’s body had severe injuries on several parts of her body that was also swollen,” said the neighbour. Another resident, Peter Kamau, questioned why the couple attempted to cover up the incident. Mr Kamau said the couple told irate residents that they took dinner together before they went to sleep but they found the girl dead in the morning. Residents accused the girl’s father of helping his son to escape. “It beats logic why the parents took breakfast comfortably inside the house knowing their daughter was dead. We suspect they were behind the death,” he said. The minor’s father tried to escape from the scene after the crime was reported but was arrested by locals who wanted to lynch him.

The couple was rescued by police officers who took them to Njoro Police Station for interrogation. The body was taken to a morgue in Nakuru. Njoro police boss Charity Dorcas said investigations have been launched into the incident.


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