Kenya: Anerlisa Muigai Hits Back at her Ex For Selling Stories About Her To Media Outlets

Keroche Breweries beneficiary Anerlisa Muigai has gone ham on her ex whom she blames for purportedly pitching stories about her to media outlets.

Anerlisa on Monday electrifyingly asserted that her ex-darling, just known as Don, was paid Sh20, ooo by obscure columnists to air her grimy material.

The socialite guaranteed the Sh20k Don got from the writers spills is far not as much as the month to month upkeep she used to pay him amid their relationship.

The bare knuckle attack on her ex-boyfriend comes amid media reports that Anerlisa is bis*xual.

In her Insta stories post, the socialite hinted at Don’s ‘poor performance in bed’.

“So someone is selling my stories for 20k because they are bitter I dumped them. At least my upkeep for you was higher.”

She added: “And if at all I dumped you for a lesbo, your D game must have been (shares two thumps down emoji’s).”

Anerlisa Muigai, broke up with Don in May after just six months of dating. The relationship was dogged in controversy from the start after a woman accused Anerlisa of stealing her husband


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