Africa: Journalist Forced To Roll In The Mud After He Was Caught In Bed With Married Woman

A journalist who was caught in bed with a wedded lady has been compelled to come in the mud.

In any case, Zimbabweans via web-based networking media are requesting that the Police explore the conditions encompassing the “critical discipline” of Clayton Masekesa, after he was purportedly gotten in “trading off position” with another man’s better half.

Clayton, who works with Newsday daily papers, was professedly gotten at the home of Mutare City Football Club secretary general, Soul Tom, whose spouse is accepted to be his darling, reports iHarare on Monday.

In a viral video, Masekesa was subjected to a military-style punishment, non-stop interrogation, being beaten, being made to display condoms, while he was all the while forced to roll in the mud.
Lawyer Miriam Majome said the “barbarism” in the videos is unacceptable.

“Adultery is not a crime; so, there was nothing to report to the Police.

“There are civil remedies open to the husband such as adultery damages and divorce. This barbarism is unacceptable. Generally, the increasing lawlessness in this country is disappointing,” she tweeted.

Veteran journalist, Nevanji Madanhire, also threw in his two cents on the issue, “Even then he didn’t deserve the humiliation; he should have been reported to the police and properly prosecuted. This treatment of suspects is criminal.”

Many other Zimbabweans took to social media to lambast the treatment Masekesa received at the hands of his attackers, feeling that it was too harsh and those who meted out the mob justice should be arrested.


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