Malawi: New Single By Tsar Leo – ‘Wifey’

One of the famous young Hip Hop and RnB specialists, Tsar Leo, genuine name Leo Simwale, on Monday this week dropped a solitary titled “wifey”, the hit that has just picked up energy in various media houses.

This is the second melody that Tsar Leo has discharged so far in the year.

“Forlorn” is the other hit he dropped before in the year.

Talking in a meeting with Malawi News Agency on Wednesday, Tsar Leo said the tune is a standout amongst other that he has dropped since joining the music business.

“It is a love song; actually it is a thanks-giving song to a girl because of how much she loves me, now, I’m praising her for all the love she actually shows to me.

In return, I wrote her what I will provide for her,” said Leo.

Tsar Leo is well known for fusing rapping and singing with an audible contrast between typical Hip Hop and RnB.

For that, he has been nicknamed the “Drake of Africa.”

“I have worked with a number of artists in the country, and this has given me experience on how I should tackle music, therefore I am working hard to reach a point where I will be satisfied.

People should also expect a lot from me next time,” added, Leo.

The Lilongwe based artist came into the limelight in 2014 after releasing the hit “Things we do” in which he featured Keim.

Since then, he has released a number of singles, including “The Other Side” which hit international breakthrough. The hit featured in different music channels across Africa to the extent that it was nominated in the 2016 Independent Music Awards.

Tsar Leo is popular among young people as he provides their taste, the Hip Hop songs that he usually performs in English.


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