Malawi: Lucius Banda Bewail Lack Of Adequate Entertainment Centres


One of the legendary artists in the nation who is additionally a Member of Parliament for Balaka North Constituency, Lucius Banda has wailed over absence of satisfactory diversion focuses in the nation.

The prepared artist said this on  Monday in Lilongwe that there is a need to build greater excitement amusement focuses.

Banda clarified that there are few stadiums and other diversion amusement focuses in the nation which isn’t wellbeing to the young improvement.

“People should be engaged in the event that they are not engaged they get bowered and they draw in themselves into misbehaviors, for example, over the top medication mishandle and some they do slaughter themselves.

So it is very crucial construct more entertainment recreation centers such as; stadiums and entertainment clubs as we have few of them here in the country,” he viewed

Banda said that entertainment recreation centers helps to keep people busy and in so doing they refrain themselves from doing bad practices such excessive drug abuse and other harmful practices.

The Balaka based music icon added that entertainment recreation centres helps to reduce number of people who kill themselves saying that many people they commit suicide due to depression which comes because of lack of entertainment.

Banda urged the government through the Arts Council which is responsible for establishment of entertainment infrastructures to construct additional entertainment recreation centers in all parts of the country where people would easily have access to entertainment activities.

“It is my plea to the government through the Arts Council to at least establish extra entertainment recreation centres where people including the youth will be able to patronize the entertainment activities while enhancing their social life,” he explained.

A resident from Area 23, Mac Phiri said government need to increase budgetary allocation to District Council in the country to construct more entertainment centres.

“We do not have decent entertainment centres in the country and most of them are bars which are not user friendly to the youth. We need separated facilities to nature our skills in various fields,” he added.


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