Kenya: Boiler Room And Ballantine Music Show Launched In Nairobi


Boiler Room and Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky on Thursday night treated Kenyans to the main ever True Music Africa in Kenya.

Genuine Music Africa is a four-city visit that takes in energizing underground music scenes from nations as various as

It is a stage for investigating social advancement crosswise over four African urban areas.South Africa and Kenya.

It commenced in Cape Town with a line-up highlighting hip bounce artistes associated with the neighborhood music scene and uncovers spearheading ability and their stories of hustling through the underground music scene to do it for themselves.

Nairobi, which was the next stop, saw Kenyan artistes Muthoni Drummer Queen, EA Wave, Suraj, Taio and DJ Coco Em leaving the audience wanting more.

There was a range of sounds, from afro-house and electro dance and hip-hop performing to an online global audience.

“Kenya is at the forefront of digital technology in Africa and because of this, there’s a genuinely innovative and collaborative spirit emerging across the creative industries there. It’s such an exciting time for Kenya and we’re thrilled that our True Music Africa show in Nairobi will champion this movement, providing a platform to showcase Kenya’s most forward-thinking sounds to the world,” said Ballantine’s Head of Music, Tom Elton.

As a result of the current digital boom in Kenya, Nairobi is witnessing a full bloom of creative awakening, with a rise and push in start-ups and entrepreneurship across fashion, art and music where this new technological generation is really making its mark.

Boiler Room and Ballantine’s are committed to supporting and celebrating uncompromising artists who do it ‘their way’.

With their True Music platform, the partnership champions artists with a pioneering spirit and challenges them to continue pushing boundaries.

Apart from South Africa and Kenya, the event has also been in Cameroon.


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