Zimbabwe: Rhumba Nights Are Getting Well Known In Food Nest


Rhumba nights are getting to be well known at Food Nest at Longcheng Plaza where Diamond Musica plays out each Friday.

It is currently a month since the gathering found the new home and numbers to their shows have been relentlessly developing, serving rhumba fans that have been famished of live execution joints of their most loved type.

A couple of other rhumba puts in the capital rely upon DJs, yet Food Nest has brought an alternate vibe for the beat.

Diamond Musica remains one of the busiest rhumba groups and their permanent slot at the joint has brought a breath of fresh air in rhumba circles.

Tonight the group will be at its usual place and more numbers are expected to come to the show.

Diamond Musica leader Pitchou Lumiere said the slot has brought good times for rhumba lovers.

“We perform at different venues, but we did not have a permanent place where people could get regular rhumba shows. The advantage of having a permanent slot for a certain day of the week is that people will always know where to get their favourite music every Friday,” said Lumiere.

“I want to thank the Food Nest management for giving us this slot. It has revived rhumba nights that we used to have somewhere else some years ago. We are glad that our fans have embraced the new concept. We always work hard to keep rhumba alive and this new arrangement is proving to be good for us.” A member of Food Nest management said they are doing their best to give their patrons a combination of good food and good music.

“Food, drinks and music make good time out for most people. We want that combination to describe our weekends at Food Nest. This is a nest where you can get good food. We have traditional and foreign dishes that will satisfy people from various backgrounds. We encourage people to come for our rhumba nights and sample the special package that we have for them,” he said.


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