Cameroon: ‘Jubilee Praise Team’ Prepared To Start Premier Album

“Festivity of Cameroon and Her Cultural Riches,” discharged in 2017, is the product of a want to see Cameroonians adore and commend their God-given wealth. The collection “visits” the greater part of Cameroon’s 10 locales in 7 tracks, with accentuation on “Cameroon Praise Song,” which draws out the temperances of “Africa in small scale,” clarifies Nnah Faith Um, pioneer of “Celebration Praise Team.” “We depict Cameroon, rich in various dialects, vernaculars, soils, atmospheres and outfits for individuals to know, love and value the wealth of our property,” she includes.

The album is produced by JPT Productions. The tracks are “Cameroon Praise Song” – perhaps the most popular song – “Yahweh dieu du Cameroun,” “Sesa dina la Sango,” “Cameroun loue l’Eternel,” “Tu es l’Eternel,” “Mandem Ariacha” and “Comba.” The group plans to organise and participate in more prayer moments and carry out evangelism in orphanages and hospitals to share the love of God to Cameroonians.

They will visit South Region this August and hold “Hymns Hour” next June. “Jubilee Praise Team encourages Cameroonians to love, pray and invest in the country. We will not stop building spiritual altars until we see righteousness and peace flood our streets, market places, offices, etc,” says Faith.

Founded in May 2010 during Cameroon’s 50th anniversary, “Jubilee Praise Team” is an inter-denominational, non-lucrative worship team that “seeks to build an altar of worship unto the Most High God and to pray for peace and unity in Cameroon.” Its first recorded effort was in 2013 with the track, “Cameroon Praise Song.”

According to Nnah Faith Um, 43, president of the group of 25 artistes from 14 denominations, their vision is to “lift praise unto God under an inter- denominational umbrella. This is because the peace and serenity Cameroonians have enjoyed was the handiwork of God. So, we praise Him for the many years of peace and protection He offered us.”


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