South Africa: Twitter Users Honour Odwa Shweni On Social Media

Twitter clients have taken to the web-based social networking site with the hashtag #RIPOdwa to respect Odwa Shweni, the performing artist who kicked the bucket while recording a battle scene at the Sterkspruit Waterfall, Monks Cowl in the Drakensberg, IOL reports.

The 39-year-old from Centurion in Johannesburg is believed to have lost his footing and fell 40m off a cliff before his body was later recovered. In an interview with the Sunday Tribune, a tour guide who wished to remain anonymous said the following:

“They didn’t have a guide because they never requested one and no one knew they would walk as far as to that part of the cliff. They rehearsed at a very dangerous section of the reserve. There was no way that guy could have survived, the cliff he stood on is slippery and there’s a huge waterfall. We were called when there was this incident and we searched till very late.”

“He was like a brother to me. I have known him since he was a teenager,” said family friend Ali Rodolo who, in the Centurion Rekord, added that Shweni’s death came as a shock to the whole family. “He was full of life and a walking encyclopaedia. He was well-read on any topic.”

According to EWN, police have launched an investigation and will probe the lack of safety procedures that contributed to Shweni’s death.


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