Zimbabwe: Top Gospel Artists To Perform In Mhere’s Album Launch


Three of Zimbabwe’s best gospel artists are relied upon to enlighten the collection dispatch of gospel crooner Mathias Mhere to be held at the 7 Arts Theater in Avondale in Harare on Friday.

Prestigious music choral gathering, Vabati VaJehovha will likewise be a piece of the ritzy line up of entertainers on the day. Kudzi Nyakudya, Olinda Marowa, Bethany Pasinawako and the Extreme Afrique gospel choir will serenade visitors at the dispatch of Mhere’s seventh album.

The guests’ gospel artists are no strangers to live performance and boasts of years of experience with vast and diverse discography. From her days of the popular tune, “Ndinzvereyi” to her current album “Paita Nyasha” Bethany’s music has matured over time, as attested in her clear, improve and distinct vocals especially on the track “Ndakuziva Ndiwe,” off her latest album.

Her efforts on the launch will be ably complemented by Olinda who despite her hiatus from the gospel scene still commands respect as one of the best gospel divas to have emerged on the local scene.

Many still remember her for tunes like “Ndinouya Baba”, “Mwari Wangu Munopenya” and “Jehovah Tshuvah”, which raised her profile within a few years after she became a gospel artist.
The exceptional vocal talent behind her discography comprising four albums has instilled joy in her fans over the years, making her music worth listening to.

On the other hand, Kudzi is a household name who has carved a name for himself as among the consistent gospel musicians in Zimbabwe, having started his career more than a decade ago. A self-confessed admirer of the late Lundi Tymara, Kudzi is currently doing well with his album titled “Tsvimbo YaMoses”. The young crooner has never disappointed in all his live performances, and will no doubt give out his best act on Friday.

The combination of the gospel artists is expected to illuminate the stage during the launch of Mhere’s album.

The nine track album titled “Panogara Nyasha” was recorded by his long-time friend, Lyton Ngolomi under Lyton Studios. Mhere will have an opportunity to play some of the songs on the album that include “Munhu Kuvanhu”, “Tirivakundi”, “Wadya Muchero”, “Sarafina”, “Porofita” and the title track, “Panogara Nyasha”.

In an interview with Mhere, expressed his optimism that everything will go according to plan.

“I have been working hard to ensure that the album launch becomes a success. I am grateful for all the support that I have been receiving from all over,” he said.

Coming just a year after the release of his sixth album, “Old Testament”, a social commentary which proved to be popular with gospel fans, it remains to be seen whether, Mhere struck the right chords on this new album.

Having sustained all his six albums on the same beat, which was almost becoming monotonous and easily recognisable on most of his tracks, his fans are hoping that he will give them value for money, this time around.


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