Nigeria: Assassin Of Nigerian Singer, Daughter – Necropsy Indicts Danish Husband

The report of the post-mortem led on the carcass of 37-year-old Nigerian artiste, Zainab Nielsen, a.k.a. Alizeee, has demonstrated that she was hit in the head.

This is similarly as legal examinations additionally uncovered that blood stains were wiped off the surface of the couple’s Banana Island home.

Review that the rising artist was supposedly killed close by her girl, by her Danish spouse, Petra Nielsen, at their Banana Island, Ikoyi home on April 5.

However, the man at the center of the controversy denied culpability, claiming before the Police and at the Court 2, Yaba, that he woke up to find the corpses in their kitchen with a strong emission of gas, suggesting that they could have been suffocated by it.

Disclosing the result of the autopsy yesterday, Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Police Command, Imohimi Edgal, said: the following information on the murder that took place in Banana Island, Ikoyi, is hereby released to members of the public.
“Recall that on 11/04/2018, Mr. Peter Nielsen, alleged to have murdered his wife, Mrs Zainab Nielsen and daughter was charged to Yaba Magistrate Court.”

Autopsy revelations

The autopsy report revealed that Mrs Zainab Nielsen suffered trauma as a result of the impact on her head. Secondly, the forensic experts revealed that there were blood stains from the couple’ s bedroom to the kitchen. Though it was cleverly wiped from the surface of the floor, they were still able to detect it with the application of special chemical reagent.”

“In addition, blood stains were also discovered on the wash hand basin and on the towel, the suspect used in wiping his hands after the commission of the offence. Although it was cleverly cleaned up as well, the experts were able to discover that too.”

Edgal added that further forensic examinations that would be used as evidence against the suspect, Nielsen, were being carried out.


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