Nigeria: See The Only Condition That Can Make Wizkid Get married and settle down

Nigerian singer Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, known professionally as Wizkid has revealed that he may never get married.

While on air at Urban 96.5 FM Lagos, Wizkid uncovered that when he is old, he may move to Ghana which influenced the show to have inquire as to whether he will migrate with a young sweetheart.

In response, he replied “marriage bawo?” (meaning “what marriage?”). He continued to say that he had no plans to get married except all the women that have ever been in his life agree to marry him at the same time.
Wizkid was also asked if the R2bees were signed to his Starboy label as widely believed but he corrected the notion, saying the affiliation was never contractual and was only borne out of friendship and his love for Ghana.

Somewhere along the conversation, he confessed his phobia for dogs and also gave updates on his pet goat whose pen is currently being built at his backyard.

Review that as of late, the Starboy CEO took to his Instagram page to flaunt a portion of the extravagance vehicles he owns. His Mercedes G-Wagon and what seems, by all accounts, to be a Bentley were spotted.


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