Photos: Uganda Singer Jose Chameleone Extends Charity To Congo

Profound singer Chameleone did not only make us proud when he filled Goma grounds in DRC over the weekend but also extended his giving heart to the Congo people.

Jose Chameleone after his successful show in DRC visited Don Bosco Ngagi orphanage where he donated essential items amounting upto 3000 dollars. The singer supplied the orphanage with bags of rice, Posho, sugar, beans and boxes of soap to better the lives of the young unprivileged children in the camp.

“It does not make sense for me to come here and make upto 30,000 dollars and I cannot even leave 10% of it to the people that gave it to me.” He said. Jose Chameleone added “May the almighty guard us all so we can meet soon enough. Let us stay in peace like the event theme was, Amani is peace and let us keep that.”

Chameleone has previously been so involved in Charity under his charity organization “Chameleone foundation” where he has schooled children, provided basic needs for the needy. Just like his music, the singer could be breaking boarders with the organization.



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