Former NTV And Radiocity Presenter Dave Dash Speaks Out On His Addiction, Says He Was A Drug Lord

Dave dash who moths ago was caught on camera running Naked on the streets has finally spoken out on the fateful day. Here is his interview on by Sqoop.co.ug

What really happened that day?

Three days earlier, I was going through an emotional situation. I felt as though the entire world had abandoned me; my wife had left with my son, our family land was sold off by people I trusted so much and thinking about my son being caught up in the middle of it broke me down. It was my fault. I broke down and thought that if I ran about naked, nobody would mind.

So were you high that day?
No. I was off weed for a day and the weed I was using is one of the strongest and I had used it for four months. I would smoke it every morning, afternoon and evening. That day, all I wanted was at least the scent of mango because the weed smells like mango, but I did not have access.

You could have undressed from your house. Did you have to run to the street?
I used to jog from Bunga pump to Kampala University twice a day, as I smoked but this time I did not have the weed so I undressed, took the same run, showered in the lake and was home by 9.45am. When I got home, I started receiving calls, and texts from people expressing concern.

Was that gesture meant to test how much people cared for you?
No. This was my break down. It was all about me, my wrongs haunting me. I had destroyed families including mine. I was the pope of darkness who knew everyone’s dark point and to wash away all those things, rehab was the only place for me to go. It was a personal decision.

Does this mean you took yourself to rehab?
Yes I did. No one told me or forced me to go there.

What is the main reason that took you to rehab?
I have a family to look after and I wanted to tell people about the dangers of drugs. We actually have an app that can help teach people about the beauty of being sober. I also went to rehab to be cleansed.

Which rehab did you go to?
I was in Butabika. It was an amazing experience. It made me reconnect with myself.

What really happens in Butabika or in rehab?
In there, no one judges you because everyone is mad. Mad in different aspects; some are stressed, others just gave up while others are there because of excessive drinking. It is a clean place for anyone who wants to reconnect with themselves and truth be told, everyone at some point may want to check into Butabika.


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