Zimbabwe: Twitter Users Mock Grace Mugabe Over ‘Used Underwear' Donation


Zimbabwe: Twitter Users Mock Grace Mugabe Over ‘Used Underwear’ Donation

Police in Zimbabwe have detained reporter Kenneth Nyangani following a story he allegedly wrote that appeared in the independently owned NewsDay newspaper, in which he is claiming that first ‘lady’ Grace Mugabe had donated used underwear to supporters of her Zanu PF party

The Committee to Protect Journalists, Africa Programme co-ordinator, Angela Quintal, a well-known South African journalist, released a statement on Tuesday, calling on Zimbabwean authorities to immediately release the journalist and to drop all charges.

The first charge, criminal defamation, was withdrawn because in the past it has been found to be unconstitutional.

“Zimbabwean authorities should stop harassing Kenneth Nyangani and release him immediately without charge. The fact that police had to fish for a new charge because their first accusation was unconstitutional shows that this arrest is aimed squarely at intimidating Zimbabwean journalists into self-censorship,” said the statement.

Nyangani, being held in police cells in Mutare, will appear in court on Wednesday to face charges of ‘criminal nuisance’.

Of course, Twitter users in South Africa – recently the scene of allegations that Grace Mugabe had assaulted a young female model when she was found in the company of Mugabe’s sons – had a field day with the ‘used panties’ scandal.

Check out these hilarious response to Second-Hand Grace on Twitter!


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