Photos: Meet Kenyan Comedian, Churchill Ndambuki’s Lookalike

The multitalented comedian, Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill  who has nurtured many raw talents into superstars such as Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy, the late Ayeiya, Jemutai, Prof Hamo among others, has become one of the most sought after comedian in Kenya today.

Churchill who was born and raised in a humble background in eastern Kenya, has managed to create a niche for himself in the competitive East African showbiz industry and he is without a doubt the best comedian Kenya has ever produced.

Well, just like we all know, there are many people across the world that bear a striking resemblance to their parents, actual sets of twins but some of them are not related at all -doppelgangers.  I stumbled upon a photo of a man alleged to be Tanzanian who resembles top comic Churchill Ndambuki.

The skin colour, face shape, ears and he even wears spectacles. One Can easily confuse this man the laugh industry pioneer.

Here is the photo of Churchill’s look alike:

Could he be Daniel Ndambuki’s brother we never knew about?

Comedian Churchill’s look alike

What do you think?

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