Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi


Here Is What Kenyan Comedian, Eric Omondi Wants For His Country

Kenyan Comedian, Eric Omondi wishes for nothing but peace for this country as we are about to re-elect the president of this nation.

Kenyans are now more aware of what is going in the country and want nothing but peace as we elect our next leader.

Eric took to social media to say a prayer for this country.

Read his prayer below:

“I am a strong believer in GOD. I am a believer in the POWER of prayer. I want to take this early opportunity before the end of 60 days to say A PRAYER for my land. I PRAY that this land will know PEACE…I PRAY that no WEAPON set against this Nation will prosper. That the will of GOD alone will PREVAIL. I DECLARE and DECREE that no plan of the Enemy will succeed. Kenya will STAND. The LORD will come to us personally. He will HEAL and RESTORE. He will arrest every evil thoughts every Plans of the Enemy. That we will look back and say surely the LORD is GOD for he reigned HIS MERCIES upon us. The LORD will listen to us when we call upon Him because He has done so before. I PRAY in the name of the of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…I PRAY in the name of the ALPHA and the OMEGA…I PRAY in the name of the maker of the Universe and all that be…I PRAY in the name of JESUS the name that’s above every name, THE PRINCE OF PEACE.”


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