King Lawrence
King Lawrence


Photos: Late Ivan Semwanga’s Cousin Buys A Car Worth Millions

Rich Gang member King Lawrence, real name Lawrence Kiyingi is living the life many only dream of.

The brother to fellow Rich Gang member Ed Cheune and cousin to the late gang leader, Ivan ‘Don’ Semwanga has been lying low like an envelope but it seems he was busy ‘working hard.’

After Don’s death, Zari was recognized as Ivan Semwanga’s “official” widow during his burial and she was also named as the highest beneficiary of Ivan’s wealth. According to sources, she was given 50 per cent of his wealth, her sons 30 per cent, Ivan’s family 10 per cent and King Lawrence (his best friend) 10 per cent as well.

Some of the wealth attributed to Ivan includes two palatial mansions in Pretoria, Sandton and one in Munyonyo, Uganda. Others include real estate properties at home and abroad, Brooklyn colleges across South Africa, and a 5-star hotel under construction in Kampala.

King Lawrence who is also based in South Africa, has finally surfaced after weeks of silence. The Ugandan socialite is balling.

He recently acquired a new Mercedes Benz AMG GT worth $157,995, designer shoes and Gucci items that can pay your rent for 100 years.

Here are the photos


King Lawrence




King Lawrence

King Lawrence

Photo Credits: Facebook


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