Father Meets His Daughter For The First Time In 39 Long Years [Photos]


Father Meets His Daughter For The First Time In 39 Long Years [Photos]

A Nigerian father Andrew Olum Ekpang reunited with his daughter Laura Aker after 39 years.

Laura Aker, a mother of three, got to know that the man she thought was her father all through her teenage years wasn’t him.

She was shown a letter where her real father Andrew promised to return.


Father meets his daughter after 39 years. Source: Mirror.co.uk

Andrew had met Laura’s mother when he was training for the Navy. Laura who grew up in Kirkcaldy, Scotland wanted to know why her father had abandoned her.

Laura’s half-brother Ntem was found via Facebook by Nicky Campbell and the team and contacted him.

Ntem revealed that he was aware from birth about Laura and that she had always been important to her father Andrew, but money was one of the reasons they were not able to meet earlier than now.

Andrew was excited at the news of his daughter reaching out to him with the hope of seeing her soon when tragedy strucked. He collapsed a week before he was supposed to travel to meet her and was admitted in a hospital.

It was only confirmed three weeks after he had been hospitalised that he was fit and safe to fly to meet his daughter.

Andrew arrived at the airport with his walking stick in company of his son Ntem.

In a conversation with Campbell, Andrew said:

I had to [make it] and it is really wonderful and great.”

“I felt terribly happy and thanked my God that my daughter had been looking for me. I have always been thinking about her.

“It’s sad. There are moments I sit round with my children and Laura is not there.”

father daughter

Father Andrew was very excited to meet his daughter after 39 years of waiting. Source: Mirror.co.uk

Laura broke down in tears after she was informed by Davina McCall that her father has been found and was ‘thrilled’ to see her before telling her about her 12 siblings.

Nigerian father and daughter reunite after 39 years

Laura wiping off her tears of joy as she sees her father and half brother. Source: Mirror.co.uk

They finally shared a hug during an emotional meeting at a hotel where Laura and her dad professed their love for each other.

Laura’s half brother Ntem broke down in tears of happiness and admitted his half-sister “meant so much” to them.

Laura said:

“I just felt a connection straight away. When my dad said he loved me it was everything I hoped for. Now I feel not only part of my family in Scotland but also part of my massive family in Nigeria.”

father daughter

Father and daughter holding each other for the first time in 39 years. Source: mirror.co.uk

father daughter

Emotional hug between father and daughter. Source: Mirror.co.uk

Father and daughter reunite after 39-years

Father, Andrew Olum Ekpang happy to see his daughter. Source: Mirror.co.uk

Nigerian father and daughter reunite after 39 years

Laura meets her half brother for the first time in 39 years. Source: Mirror.co.uk


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