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I Once Used My Pocket Money To Buy Obrafuor’s Album – Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson [Video]

Talented actress, Yvonne Nelson has opened up about her affection for Obrafuor’s album, ‘Pae Mu Ka’.

Yvonne Nelson is Obrafuor’s biggest fan; she once saved her pocket money in order to buy his album

Yvonne Nelson

The rap legend has been in the industry for so many years, and his huge fan base proves he is a force to reckon with in Ghana’s music industry.

According to Nelson, she enjoyed Obrafuor’s album so much that she saved her pocket money, so she could get herself a copy in the year 1999.

She believes that “THE REAL ONES KNOW i remember when I was in junior high school 1999 thereabout, I saved up my school lunch money to buy his PAE MU KA album.

I treasured it so much like I can rap every song on it. There hasn’t been any album close to that in GH ever since! He’s my BEST rapper! He’s a legend! He’s OBRAFOUR”


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