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Kenyan Gospel Singer Papa Denis Attacked After He Brazenly Flaunts Millions On His Social Media Page!

While Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet, singer Papa Dennis is flaunting cash on his Facebook page and fans are not amused.

The controversial musician who was once a street urchin, irked his fans through the display of 1000 shilling notes of Sh 20 million.

In 2016, it was reported that Sadat Muhindi, the man behind Papa Denis had invested about 100 million shillings in the singer.

“Papa’s story is very unique. I have committed over Sh100 million to make sure that his music career attracts international attention,” Sadat said at the time.

However, Papa Denis’s display of money did not go well with his followers with most of them accusing him of showing off.

His gimmick come few weeks after another singer Willy Paul told his fans that he had bought his mother a new phone- a move that saw him being criticized as well.

The Maliza Umaskini singer got into arguments with a number of followers as he argued that he had a right to do whatever pleases him “since the page is mine”.


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