“We can not any more”: Cry Of Distress Italians Facing The Influx Of African Migrants (VIDEO)

“We can no longer live freely in our city.” On the border with France, residents of Ventimiglia expressed their distress at the influx of African migrants into their city in a report broadcast by the video agency RUPTLY.

About 300 people demonstrated on August 9 in front of the town hall of Ventimiglia, a border town between Italy and France that faces Menton, to protest the influx of migrants into their city. The latter cluster at the border to try to cross into France. The inhabitants are concerned that their city is associated with immigration and is experiencing a decline in tourism. He also believed that he had “given enough”, that is, had done enough to help the migrants, and wished the intervention of the State. Demonstrators expressed their distress at their “invaded” city.

Author: Ruptly TV

“We can no longer live freely in our city. It is no longer our city, it is no longer a city at all. It’s just an enormous refugee camp, “says one of the demonstrators, outraged that this situation can endure with” taxpayers’ money. ” Another explains that women can no longer walk at night alone in the streets, because of the danger that African migrants would pose. The owner of a shop deplores the decline of the influx of tourists. “There are no more tourists at all, we have less and less work,” he explains.

Another video of the demonstration shows us the small procession, children in the lead, approaching the town hall. “The state must listen to us, and the mayor first, but nobody does,” one of the interviewees said.

Author: Ruptly TV

The city of Ventimiglia has been very strongly affected by the arrival in mass of migrants seeking to join France in recent months. On 25 June, the city council ordered the clearing of an area along the Roya River, where migrants had organized a makeshift camp since many attempts to cross the frontier, often accompanied Of clashes with the police, were launched.



It is in this zone that activist Cédric Herrou helps migrants cross the border and seek asylum in France with the association Roya Citoyenne. On 8 August, the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal sentenced the activist to four months  suspended sentence and 1,000 euros in damages to the SNCF for the illegal occupation of abandoned premises in Saint-Dalmas- de-Tende. A more substantial conviction than in the first instance, in which Cedic Herrou, who denounces an “empty” file and now acts in “total lawfulness”, was fined 3,000 euros suspended. “I will tell all the families I have helped that I do not regret anything, that I have done it with pleasure,” he said at the end of the hearing.


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