7 Life Lessons From The Victory Of Justin Gatlin Over Usain Bolt – “Life is a cross-country race”!!

The legend Usain Bolt lost the 100m race against Justin Gatlin. This failure of the fastest man in the world allows us to draw seven lessons.


  1. Men judge you on your past

Justin Gatlin has dragged doping scandals on several occasions that have earned him a suspension for several years. On the return of Justin Gatlin, he was always judged in relation to his past of dopé.

  1. Life is a cross-country race

You may endure a lot of failures, but there is only one good opportunity for your story to change.

  1. One must persevere even after a stunning failure

Justin Gatlin remained several years on the sidelines and on his return he lost several races against Usain Bolt. Many saw his desire to cling to a laudable gesture but did not believe in a victory against Usain Bolt.


  1. Everything is a matter of circumstances

The race is not to the agile or the race to the valiant but it is the circumstances that decide. We must persevere until we find a favorable opportunity. And that’s what happened. The situation unfavorable to Usain Bolt was favorable to Justin Gatlin.

  1. Being humble

Even when you get to surpass someone described as a legend like Usain Bolt, you have to keep in mind that he’s a big opponent. After his victory against Usain Bolt, Justin Gatlin greeted him in a special way, for he recognized that Usain Bolt was a man to respect.


  1. Rubbing with the best takes you to the heights

Many go to these athletic competitions by saying that it is a privilege to run with Usain Bolt. They want to win but have an inner thought that tells them they can not. Justin Gatlin has in several statements claimed that he would beat Usain Bolt. He eventually got there.

    7. No matter what men think of you, believe in your dreams

After the doping scandals on Justin Gatlin, he persevered in his passion for sprint events. Despite the fact that he was not advertised favorite and that he was booed by others, he continued. The first surprised of his victory was him. Congratulations to the champion who persevered.



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