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Inspiring!! This Woman Overcomes All Odds To Achieve Her Dream Of Becoming A Famous Model!! (Photos)

A 37-year-old woman from Louisiana in the United States, who suffers from a chronic epidermal disease called vitiligo, has become a model that inspires others suffering from the same disease.

Iomikoe Johnson, a mother of four, shared her photos on social networks in an effort to show that “beauty goes beyond the physical.” This disease started when she was 25 years old. In an interview, she revealed that she was so ashamed that she spent up to an hour of time each day applying makeup to hide the white spots on her skin.

Pictured before the onset of vitiligo.  Photo: Iomikoe Johnson


“I had vitiligo when I was twenty-five and I will never forget it, I was devastated, I felt like my world had collapsed.”

Johnson only learned to accept herself when her fiancé, Philip confessed to him that he loved her as she was. She then abandoned make-up, became more confident and became involved in the world of modeling.

She hopes that by becoming a public actress, she will be an inspiration to other people suffering from vitiligo. She said “I want the world to see my art. I walk in art, human art ”

Photo: Iomikoe Johnson

Vitiligo is a skin disease characterized by the destruction of melanocytes, pigment cells of the skin. This results in the appearance of white spots on the skin, especially in the hands, face and body.

She learned to embrace her condition after her fiancé Philip told her he loved her as she was.  Photo: Iomikoe Johnson

Johnson is now a model.  Photo: Iomikoe Johnson

Johnson has vitiligo and is proud of her appearance.  Photo: Iomikoe Johnson


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