Confidential!! “My Wife Has Double My Salary But She Refuses To Participate In Family Responsibilities”

I am Alfred and I am a teacher. My wife calls herself C. We met when we were in college. I decided to take a challenge to become a teacher. I found that my university course was taking too long.

We got married after my first assignment. Then I regularly sent money to C to pay for her school because she preferred to continue her classes. She was hired in a bank. My wife is very smart and I am proud of her. I thought her salary would reduce the financial burdens we face in our marriage. Unfortunately, I was mistaken.


She told me that she only received a transportation premium.

My friend who works in the same bank as my wife told me that their company paid them 250,000 CFA francs of monthly salary. In addition, he informed me that C should have a salary increase. I do not understand why she makes me all her secrecy.

When I told her I knew her real pay she became angry and told me that I had no right to spy on her. She told me bad things. We were both angry. She dared to tell me that she regretted having married a simple teacher like me. His sentence hurt me a lot.

We have two daughters and for the sake of my daughters, I do everything to avoid disputes. Chantal does not seem to understand that a home is managed by two. Especially that his salary is higher than mine. She tells me that it was I who insisted on marrying her, and that if I can not bear her to leave. She is very impulsive. Besides, she does not miss an opportunity to belittle me.

She has changed a lot, she prefers to take her money to buy bags, shoes, smartphones. I do not understand why she wants to look so much instead of worrying about her family.

Fortunately I invested my money in real estate and this investment allows me to make ends meet and take care of my daughters. All attempts at discussion with her ended in a violent dispute. I am very tired. I prefer to focus on my children. Are there people who live the same situation as me? How did you deal with this problem?

Thanks for your advices.


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